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Chocolate Rigid Box

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Innovative Chocolate Packaging Design Trends 2020

To indulge in chocolate, nobody needs a reason irrespective of age from kids to old age people all love to relish the delightful chocolates and satisfy their cravings. India is a traditionally rich and diverse country where each festival and celebration is filled with love, laughter and sweets. Due to increasing health awareness and healthy lifestyle pattern people today prefer to avoid sweets filled with unhealthy ghee or vanaspati.

The trend of exchanging sweets during festive seasons is decreasing, and combo packaging of chocolates is increasing. From corporate to household, chocolate is preferred to exchange as it can sustain for a longer period compared to traditional “mithai”.

When we visit any retail store packaging of chocolates is the point of attraction, consumers desire for a cleaner presentation. Nutritional labels, ingredients, percentage of cocoa, brand name, logo, packaging should be clutter-free and avoid unnecessary claims. When we consider chocolates, there is very less space, and so you have to get the right tone of voice and content. The personality of the brand also matters a lot if it is luxurious, modern, retro, humour, mystery matter a lot because the design will get aligned with these elements. Packaging should tell its story through creative images, content and its value proposition. May be beans are sourced from farm-fresh, hand-made, high quality, cost-effective. Any value which your product is offering should communicate through effective packaging design. In India, Cadbury has changed the perception of sweets in the minds of people and by creating emotionally intense stories. They connected the stories with tagline “Kuch Metha ho Jaye” and ‘Metha’ here they meant with chocolates. Their campaigning is so vigorous that today people address sweets as chocolate.

Images on chocolates should be a picture of its value proposition, which is illustrating images of coca-beans. Actual product or ingredient such as nuts, caramel depicting in the creative and mouthwatering way. A lot of international brands focus on their origin oriented powerful images such as Singapore chocolates you will always encounter images of Merlion. Chocolates come in decorative trays, boxes, glass bottles, or gift packaging boxes and hence packaging design should consider these factors before they initiate the process. Space for creativity will be enhanced once the shape of the packaging is fix.

Customers have become more conscious about their healthy lifestyle and strive to read nutritional benefits and details before purchase. Hence natural-looking products are attracting their attention. Materials such as paper, kraft or finishing plastic flexible with a sand-touch lacquer will produce the organic visual appeal. People appreciate natural-looking packaging design and associating with such materials is one of the creative brand strategies. When we discuss chocolates, colours play a very vital role. Bright and bold colours with playful illustrations will make your product stand out and do the talking for self. Golden and platinum are colours which reflect luxurious and rich. Colours are decided on the type of flavours such as if its milky, dark chocolate, caramel, moka. Miniatures of chocolate bars prefer to be into standup pouches or shaped bags. The font on chocolate packaging design should be bold and sharp, though few chocolate brands encourage elegant and classy looking font for premium packs.

If planning for corporate gift packs, then brand identities such as logo, tagline, and the colour should be mentioned on packaging design which will enhance brand identity. The variety of the chocolate box packaging design speaks for itself, such as depending upon its brand positioning everything from minimalistic, plain designs to hand-drawn, bespoke packaging is decided.

It can be organic, freshly handcrafted, luxurious, fun-loving or for mass. The brand logo should align with the accent shades on the packaging, but for most of the part is the clean, white, and minimalistic design of the packaging. It portrays the chocolate cover design in a rather luxurious manner.

The simple and best packaging design carefully brings the circular shapes placed next to each other to reinforce the name and represent what is inside the packet. Hence rendered with bold colours and sharp fonts will reflect the richness and premium taste. The cheerful design will speak to a particular audience and represents a more liberal approach to the best chocolate label design. Raw and dark chocolate packaging design takes a simple, clean, and organic product concept and incorporates it seamlessly into a realistic packaging style.

The composition and structure of the chocolate bar packaging design and the use of pattern in the typesetting of label express this perfectly. Various kinds of combination chocolates such as dark chocolate and coffee, orange and dry fruit chocolate the packaging design will differ. It aims to promote happiness and excitement one bite, and you’re addicted, we’re sure of it.

Luxury chocolate packaging design should have a moodiness that will come from the colour and the imagery, and it will then urge users to rip it open and take a bit. They are mysterious and moody but have a playful edge that gets your mouth watering instantly. It starts with a matte or silver black coating, with a subtle image of a coffee bean residing at the bottom, only half in view to inspire mystery. The origin of chocolate also plays an essential role if its Belgian chocolate or Swiss chocolate is very famous and packaging design will justify their origin.

The as shiny, glossy and curly font takes up the majority of the design. The higher the number will be the darker and more bitter the chocolate creations. Different variations will include different imager at the bottom of the chocolate has nuts or herbs; that flavour is symbolized at the bottom. Creative chocolate packaging design agency will understand your brand true strength and help you to stand out through chocolate packaging design.

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