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Perfume packaging boxes

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Perfume packaging boxes Manufacturer Smelling good is part of our daily lifestyle, and from younger people to older, men to woman, everyone has their own unique choices. Perfume is the reflection of the nature and personality of a person; hence, chose wisely. Perfume is no longer used only for personal hygiene today scents are most sentimental gift items among the masses. Hence the cosmetic packaging design of perfume is of utter importance in 2020.

If a perfume packaging is in a rough or odd-shaped bottle or box, it won’t be appealing and catchy. If the packaging in which the perfume lies attracts the customer’s attention because of its beautiful appearance, while it may turn the buyer into a permanent and loyal one.

Perfumes come in the various shape of bottles which is majorly influenced by its target audience. Such as if the container has feminine structure or features, then it is for females. It is generic shaped then can be either for males or unisex.

Fragrance plays a very crucial role when it comes to the packaging

of perfume which is in a mono carton. Which is known as 2 layer packaging, one is primary packaging, and other is label designing on bottle inside. Depending on the fragrance, the image on the bottle will differ. Such as if it is of flowers which can be orchids, jasmine, rose and many more pictures will render on the packaging. The design of the perfume bottle which is having the jasmine smell should have the jasmine flowers as a design and its color as the packaging material color.

The fragrance is mild and sensual for women, while the fresh and strongly aromatic fragrance is for masculine nature perfumes.

Perfumes which have their luxurious personality will recall a real jewel, precious stones, golden filaments which will evoke the majestic and elegance appearance. Fragrances such as Dior is a reflection of luxury, boldness, freedom and creativity. Thus, unforgettable shapes recall an idea of beauty which is both ancient and modern.

The nature and feature of a particular perfume are closely related to its color. The essential oils are commonly used in perfumery; each has its unique color. Most of them are light and even golden, while others retain some of the color from the flower petals from which they derived. Most essential oils are subtle, even transparent hues. Hence depending on this packaging design colors should be decided and planned. Some, however, have very intense shades, like grapefruit oil, wood and root extracts, on the other hand, are mostly deep brown or green.

A fragrance act as an expression of personality and class and each scent has the power to convey particular meanings. Perfume bottle packaging design plays an essential role in communicating their style, make it unforgettable and make perfume brand recognized.

Although perfume bottle label design and colognes often come in innovatively shaped bottles with decorative toppers, the perfume carton needs to stand out to attract the initial attention. Enhance perfume packaging label design with specialty coatings, metalized paper or holographic patterns.

These elements make the perfume bottle shape design stand out from others on the shelf. Mixing paperboards with clear plastic is also the latest trend that is gaining more popularity. Add textural elements like embossing, whether creative lettering or branded logos are essential elements of packaging perfumes.

The actual selling point of your perfume is the fragrance, so packaging should tie into the scent as well. Whether it is color, content, font style or graphic elements, hint at the smell of the perfume with the packaging design. If certain floral features or fruit scents are included in the perfume, mention or display that on the product shape design.

Some perfumes packaging evoke the feeling of a particular season hence mention that with a colour scheme to enhance this perception, such as using pastels for spring or bright shades for warm scents that are reminiscent of summer.

The most evocative fragrances are found in perfume bottles with elongated and refined lines. For your luxury line, tall glass containers with round or square-section are preferred.

To build a truly unique perfume packaging design and eye-catching fragrance to give character to each bottle, contact professional packaging design agency. Who will help your brand to add elegant bows in colored satin, silver finish, the collars with gold and the whole range of spray pumps and metallic or clear caps.

The ink set includes fluorescent spot colors and has an extra hit of black to heighten the design’s dark-bright contrasts which will intensify its light-catching glow. Die cutting, stamping, and embossing also add as essential elements which will beautify the perfume packaging design.

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