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Why Luxury Brands Choose Rigid Boxes for their Retail and wholesale Products

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

If you are looking for hard boxes then you are in the right place. We have compelling reasons why you should buy rigid boxes. It is our duty to tell you that your packaging is an important part of your business. Your Packaging will take your sales to the next level and Rigid Boxes will help you with that. If you package your goods in ordinary boxes and send them to your customers, they are likely to lose interest in your products quickly. If you use customised rigid boxes instead, you will keep your customers in the luxury zone. That way customer will have good faith in your business he is more likely to come to you again.

Good packaging is very important for a good business. Keep in mind that you are pushing your business into the abyss when you choose commercial boxes off the shelf. You can not compare normal boxes and rigid boxes, because ordinary packages can’t keep your items safe but rigid boxes not only protects your products 100% but also gives your company a good name.

That's why we do not compare monocarton or flute boxes with rigid boxes. Picking out a quick wrapping option may seem complex, but rigid boxes are always the answer. From unmatched organizational honesty to continuous exterior design good time, rigid boxes hold their own in the packaging society and are ideal for all Profession. Rigid boxes can be customized to your liking so we will always be on our side for you. With cover products, it is very critical to have pretty, sharp-edged packaging. Business owners often fail to achieve this end. We recommend rigid boxes so that you do not make this mistake.

LRBM is ready to take you to the next level of your business. No matter how expensive your rigid box is, the design will make your luxury box complete. We have expert designers for this purpose and we will print your design on your rigid box to suit your wishes. You cannot add as much design in a normal Packaging. Your design should whisper the name of your business- no matter how beautiful the design you put in the ordinary box it will not be so beautiful. Rigid boxes makes your product and design classy.

Magnetic closures

Magnetic closures that works easily can give the laminated rigid box great unboxing experience.Using a magnet insertion machine, the magnet is added and hidden in the chipboard boxes in such a way that the magnet is not visible in the finished result. Rigid Boxes is not only beautiful on the outside but we can also customize the interior to suit the customer's wishes. Your box will close well with the magnet and it will open as soon as you open it. Otherwise it will not open as it should, therefore there is no risk of your item falling. The magnets placed in the rigid boxes are not so easily visible- That is to say it is impossible to find out where the magnet is. Magnetic packaging boxes can come in standard and foldable styles . This type of features are not included in normal Packaging A successful business will always choose this kind of quality packaging. They knows how important good packaging plays on quality products.


Foam is the most important ingredient in Rigid box manufacturing. It will help you to bring your product to your customer without breaking it. Do not waste your fragile products relying on ordinary packaging. There is a risk of breaking your products in normal packaging but there is no need to worry about in rigid box, die cut foam is keep your products safe. We have two type of foams for you- one is EVA foam and the other is PP foam. We can cut these according to your product’s profile and height.

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