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Types of packaging boxes

Top & bottom boxes

This kind of packaging is widespread in many industries, including fashion, and is very simple to open. In fact, because these boxes are so beautiful and effective at displaying the goods, we don't anticipate a decline in their appeal any time soon. Chipboard paper is used to make the base and lid of the paper box, and surface printing paper is used. As a result, the box is sturdy, capable of supporting a lot of weight, and challenging to bend. This box model is hard to damage during transportation and storage due to its toughness and strong bearing capacity. Because it is so simple to use, the top and bottom box is also highly popular.

Users may put the product in and take it out of the container easily because the cover and base are separate. This box model is thought to be cost-effective for a variety of products, from entry-level to luxury. The top and bottom bins are frequently used to keep expensive goods like wine, watches, jewels, phones, and other medical supplies. Businesses may simply express their messages to clients by using the colours and details displayed on the top and bottom boxes. Particularly, the usage of this box as a gift encourages clients to remember and recognise the brand name of the business.

Flap Open Rigid Boxes

Flap Open rigid boxes, also known as Magnetic closure rigid boxes, are among the best rigid boxes in the premium category. They lure customers by offering an unboxing experience. Many consumers are very curious about this box closing model, how does this box closed, is there any magnet, how did they fixed the magnet inside the boards, etc. Flap open rigid boxes are an extra premium & elegant packaging alternative in this rigid box business. The client group for suspense and the majority of gift products uses sturdy flap-open boxes with magnetic closures. Only premium products should be packaged in magnetic closure rigid boxes, which are made of the strongest cardboard and have superior magnets.

The ideal boxes for your products are fap open rigid ones if you're looking for luxury goods. For your premium products, our rigid boxes are the best and strongest protective. Purchase rigid boxes of the highest quality in India. Because our quality team will not compromise on the quality of the raw materials, our rigid boxes are high end and premium. Our production staff has extensive manufacturing expertise as well.

drawer model boxes

There is a feeling of opulence, richness, and sumptuousness created by the inside tray's chic slipping out from the outside cover. For perfumes and expensive gifts, drawer boxes work well. If comfort and luxury are your goal, rigid drawer boxes are the best option. These have a classy finish and are strong and resilient. LRBM specialises in offering you drawer boxes of the highest calibre at discounted prices. For your rigid drawer boxes, there are countless customisation possibilities available.

A rigid drawer box is a great box shape to utilise if you deal in luxury goods like jewellery, suits, shoes, shirts, or other high-end products. This box has a very high level of damage prevention, which also improves the box's security. We use excellent cardboard sheets made from finely compressed paperboard to create our cardboard drawer boxes. The sturdiness and durability of drawer type boxes packaging are what make them special. Compared to paperboard used to make a typical folding carton, this paperboard is four times thicker. Our sliding gift boxes are the top option for retailers of luxury goods. People invest money in these boxes, and we provide them more than just attractive packaging.

Book Style boxes

These box designs are ideal for your customers to display in their homes in addition to packaging their products. We make sure that your consumers will find our rigid boxes to be both strong and attractive. It's crucial for brands to express their values in both words and images. Rigid boxes are sturdy, non-bendable boxes that can be creatively tailored into a variety of shapes and styles. A product's distinctive, personalised packaging may persuade the consumer to purchase it. The most exciting of the new styles produced by designing on a greyboard is the book style. The box's outer margins are widened to give it a book-like appearance. The top lid of the box has some form of hinge that allows it to open like a book. Most often used for gifts, these stiff boxes.

These boxes contain a variety of products for better display.

The book-shaped box is extremely robust. The product is simple to handle and transport. Additionally, they are simple to open and close. We offer sturdy book-style boxes in various sizes that are of the highest quality. Professionals with experience precisely score the cardboard, wrap the sheet, and assemble it into the shape of a box. The wrap sheet was carefully designed by our designer with your product in mind. After its flawless design, the wrap's texture is what draws most attention. While debating and experimenting with styles, our clients experience a sense of community. We guide the straightforward notion to the elegant conclusion.

Raphe style box

Most customers would prefer to get raphe type boxes with ribbons. It implies that a wow-creating element is included in all product advertisements. Therefore, we advise our customers to pick our sturdy Raphe type boxes for the packing of their goods.

The most sought-after need for a packaging company is quality, so RBS is dedicated to providing our best quality in all of our packaging. Rigid boxes in the Raphe design are a smart place to start for a well-known brand. because these boxes will display a different appearance than other boxes of the same style. These rigid boxes in the Raphe design are frequently used in the packaging of liquor, electronics, playing cards, tea, and other items.

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