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Luxury Rigid Box Manufacturers

Welcome to LRBM- the world's central resource for affordable Luxury Packaging! Our premium rigid boxes are made from multiple factories in India, soon expanding to factories across Asia. We employ a large, skilled workforce from rural backgrounds, trained to create masterpieces in exclusive packaging: a people-centric approach that differentiates us from the mindless mass production using large-scale machinery.

We are exclusive producers of custom Luxury Rigid Boxes, focusing on offering paper rigid boxes at unbeatable prices & quality. Mostly handmade from some of the world's leading rigid box factories, we welcome our customers to visit each facility and watch the boxes in live production. Join us in our quest to engage the world's best artisans to make your packaging truly a league apart. Get started in your packaging journey today!

    Making high-quality Luxury Rigid Boxes is not easy. We ensure that all our criteria for our discerning luxury customers are met to the highest standards.

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    Best Quality Rigid Boxes

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    LRBM offers the best prices for both small and large quantities. Talk to us for details.


    Get Readymade Rigid Boxes 

    Many excellent options and colors of luxury rigid boxes readily available.


    Shipping across the World

    Rigid Boxes in different dimensions ready to ship right now across the world!

    The one place to source your luxury rigid boxes fast!




    LRBM specialises in high end finishing of luxury rigid boxes. Boxes made by our box experts use the latest technologies like 3D printing, laser cutting & engraving. The honed skills of our artisans are trained to meet the demands of luxury packaging customers of the highest standards. For example, for Dentists and Orthodontists we have a special team that focuses on this segment- hence we proudly speak the jargon of doctors worldwide. Combining this with our skills in packaging for other dentists and specialist doctors, we are able to provide multi-cultural packaging experiences meeting global standards for each industry.


    Featured Luxury Rigid Boxes

     Custom Rigid Boxes 

    Custom Rigid Boxes & Luxury Packaging from the box specialist!

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