Luxury Packaging 

Luxury Product manufacturers and marketers are offering personalized luxury boxes to clients to fill their gifting needs. many business has to change their product Packaging because normal packaging does not Protect the product but luxury Packaging mainly focuses on Protect products and Luxurious feel , the luxury packaging of a luxury product is part of the brand's analysis shows customers are willing to spend more on products if the packaging looks appealing and luxurious. the packaging is the way of catch the customers' attention and getting valuable guidance. When you have added styling and elegant features like that foil and Emboss to your Packaging Boxes, your brand will get considerable attention. Great quality packaging has the power to create an outstanding packaging look so you must provide such packaging which is suitable for shelving, shipping, and transportation. 

Luxury chocolate Packaging Boxes
Luxury chocolate Packaging Boxes



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Luxury chocolate Packaging Boxes
Luxury chocolate Packaging Boxes


Some products are more sensitive and need strong packaging. For these kinds of products have to need luxury Packaging boxes. These boxes are not only beautiful but also guard your product. so many brands should want to know the value of cost-effective packaging to gain more and more customers. the low-average packaging is never more going to display your brand at the top level. So always you need to keep in mind that budget-friendly and luxury packaging is customers' all-time favorite.  So be careful in creating beautiful and decent packaging if you want to get success in your business. The customers will never compromise on price no matter how luxury packaging you are offering to them. A budget-friendly packaging has the power to make any brand successful and popular.

Our Specification 

3D Finishing 

LRBM specialises in high end finishing of luxury rigid boxes. Boxes made by our box experts use the latest technologies like 3D printing, laser cutting & engraving. The honed skills of our artisans are trained to meet the demands of luxury packaging customers of the highest standards. For example, for Dentists and Orthodontists we have a special team that focuses on this segment- hence we proudly speak the jargon of doctors worldwide. Combining this with our skills in packaging for other dentists and specialist doctors, we are able to provide multi-cultural packaging experiences meeting global standards for each industry.

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Ultra Sharp Edges 

Sharp edges are one of the differentiators of great packaging. LRBM, we work to present each box as a masterpiece. while we are on this great adventure in the ocean of packaging with an armada of global opponents, this experience to provide premium boxes with our exclusive technology helps us stand apart from the rest.

Our Luxury Packaging Products 

Luxury Perfume Box 

Perfume boxes are a great symbol of the quality of the item. If you find cheap-looking packaging, then do not give it a try. It is because almost every big brand that makes top-class perfumes pay attention to the packaging quality​

Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Boxes 

Cosmetic boxes add value to the Products they withhold inside. It not only gives a good presentation but also provides safety and protection. It improves the shelf life and product appeal too

Luxury chocolate boxes 

We provide chocolate gift boxes that are becoming for each occasion. Our Luxury chocolate box packaging comes with covers, ribbons, lids & hinges, etc...

Luxury Electronic Devices Boxes 

Whether it's an open-box design or a luxury matte finish, our wearable technology solutions create excitement while increasing consumer confidence in your packaging

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Quality Assurance

We believe that quality in a product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it. We pledge to delivered high-quality paper products that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers. And we are the Best Quality Rigid Box Manufacturers.


Luxury Packaging Service 

Sustainable Practices

Solutions that help to minimize waste to support a healthier environment.

Unboxing Experience

Exceed your customer’s expectations with great unboxing experiences.

Storage & Transportation

Solutions that can ship flat for easy storage and transportation.

Business Success

High-impact retail results to achieve the desired business success.

Cost Reduction

Save on material and freight costs by reducing material and space.

Product Protection

Keep your products well protected and lower damage costs.

Frequently asked questions

Are you a Manufacturer or Trader ?

100% Manufacturer We have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience.

How can we get a quote?

You can Fill up the contact form or an email with product details: size, material, design, logo, and color; if you have artwork, it will be much appreciated. Our CRM Executive will reply to you within 24 hours. Our CRM online for more than 12 hours every day.

Box Manufacturing Scale

Our total capacity for Luxury Packaging boxes will be around 10000 – 12000 boxes /day

Can you provide samples & what's sample delivery time?

Yes we can provide samples for you, sample produce will take about 2 days

What is your payment term?

T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,and Paypal,

What is the shipping method?

shipped by sea, air, road Pls to confirm Place before your order