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luxury gift boxes india

A good Luxury gift boxes india plays an essential role to show appreciation, joy and recognition. If you are a small business like that chocolate shop or any other than a home business owner,  then a personalized gift box to customers can go miles to win customer reliability and to spread the brand’s word of mouth information. That is Luxury Rigid box Manufacturer puts special emphasis on designing, customization, and print of its gift box range. From sourcing to creation, Our innovative teams of experts work along with clients to devise the right luxury gift boxes India that suit the business and surely can win the heart of their target customers with its look and feel. 

LRBM offers its clients high-quality Premium design, luxury packaging for personalized gift boxes india in all materials, Luxury brands benefit from a global footprint. LRBM can deliver a world of competencies to ensure your top-tier brand’s projects are executed at the level your customers have come to expect. 

Luxury  Packaging boxes provides a full and tailored service for all your Luxury gift box india Packaging requirements from design through to an individually tailored solution. Upon request, LRBM can also provide customized Luxury gift boxes in India.  LRBM on hand has an answer to all packaging-related questions and presents an impressive range of luxury gift boxes India products.  LRBM offers the full package – from traditional gift packaging to modern ones, including accessories. 


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Fast Delivery

Your finished order will be in your hands sooner than you imagine.


Go Green Together

We are always endeavoring towards making environmentally responsible choices. Luxury rigid boxes are ecofriendly, recyclable, or reusable.

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Quality Assurance

We believe that quality in a product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it. We pledge to delivered high-quality paper products that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers. And we are the Best Quality Rigid Box Manufacturers.

Strategic packaging consultation

Best Quality Rigid Box Manufacturers LRBM are One-on-one packaging consultation with our engineering experts to help us understand your goals to provide you with the best packaging solution. 

Design & Engineering

Professional packaging engineers design your custom box structure & die-line based on your product and goals while keeping protection and cost-savings in mind.

Packaging Testing & Validation

We go through stringent validation tests to ensure packaging complies with client expectations and other specialized packaging validation tests.

Samples & Prototyping

Be confident before mass production! We guarantee great packaging results with solutions designed to help you visualize and perfect your packaging. We offer various types of samples & prototyping for all your needs.

Samples and prototypes crafted for everyone

Packaging can be obscure without knowing what your box will look like and can ultimately affect the effectiveness of your packaging. That is why we have crafted solutions to help you make informed decisions no matter what stage you are at in the packaging process to guarantee results.

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Digital 3D Sample

3D render samples commonly used for marketing, simulations, and artwork/layout testing. Ideal for small-run projects.

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Plain Sample

No print sample commonly used for testing box structures, sizing, and material evaluation. Ideal for small-run projects.

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Digital Sample

Digtally printed and cut sample commonly used for testing printed artwork and layout. Great for small to medium run projects.


Production Sample

Production quality printed sample commonly used for final evaluation before mass production. Great for medium to large run projects.