Flat fold rigid box  

LRBM has to supply the best flat fold rigid box (or) Collapsible Rigid Boxes, also referred to as flat fold rigid boxes, the collapsible is the popular rigid box style for our clients in Europe and Australia region. the transportation cost of the rigid box is always a big concern for our customers abroad due to the big volume of boxes. the advantage is that the box can be flat transmitted. when the flat fold rigid box then the total volume of the product will be much less to reduce the warehouse and shipping cost. the flat fold rigid box usually cost more than the ordinary paper box, because much more workers are involved in the box-making process. but if the freight cost is taken into concern, the entire price will be much less. usually, the collapsible rigid boxes have 2 pieces of magnets on the front panel for the box seal or closing. 

Flat Fold Rigid boxes (or)collapsible Rigid Box  

The Flat fold rigid box can be unfolded to a flat sheet for shipping. when the boxes are transported to the production line, they can be quickly constructed for that product packaging. It is a very attractive box for garment and apparel packaging.

Advantage of the Flat fold rigid Box (or) Collapsible Rigid Box

                               The main advantage of the flat fold rigid box is that it is foldable. the rigid setup box can be folded for flat freighting. These unique advantages make you save hundreds of US dollars when you are importing the boxes from us. When your order quantity is small, you can even send the boxes by air. It takes only 5 to 8 days. these are problems with the flat fold rigid box too. Because the box is entirely handmade, the unit costs of the box will be a little higher than the regular boxes, differing from 2-3 US dollars.